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Casos de Sucesso

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VOLKSWAGEN Indústria de Veículos Automotores Ltda

Córdoba, Argentina
Project: Transmission – Free Choice 
Service: Programming, PLC’s, HMI’s and equipments

  • Conveyor system;
  • Automatic stations;
  • Manual stations;
  • Integration with supervisory system, via OPC;
  • Test machines integration (TECHNICA);
  • Nutrunners (Free-Choice system);
  • Measuring (Leak test and gearbox stroke);
  • Micro punching graving (serial number);
  • Drivers for cartesian silicon sealing;
  • Vision system (silicon sealing and S/N punching graving checking);
  • Read/Write Moby I (mapping and programming);
  • Readers (Data Matrix, barcode);
  • Production support;
  • Operation and maintenance training.